Boxing Day Dip 2016

This year’s boxing day dip will take place as usual on Sunny Sands Beach on Monday 26th December. Registration at the Mariner, 16 The Stade, Folkestone, CT19 6AB from 11:15am.

For the registration form please click here

Fancy Dress Judging on the beach at 12:45

Followed by ‘THE DIP’ at 13:00

There will be commemorative medals for all ‘Dippers’, local radio coverage and, of course, thousands of spectators to cheer you on!

For one hour, every year on Boxing Day, hundreds of normally sensible members of the community go totally insane and run into the sea, regardless of how cold it is, and some of them even dress up for the occasion.

The method behind their madness, though, is the raising of thousands of pounds for local or national charities. The “dippers” get people to sponsor their lemming-like dash into the sea and the Folkestone Lions pass the money raised onto the charities nominated by the dippers themselves and other local worthy causes.

The “nominated charity” could be their own club, school or community group so this is a great way for local organisations to raise their own funds without having to stage an event themselves.
Those that want to can dress up and enter the fancy dress competition that takes place for individual dippers, or those taking part as a group. A range of other prizes is awarded as well, especially for the dipper raising the most money!

For everyone else, it is a great way to recover from the Christmas excesses with a gentle stroll down to the Sunny Sands beach, where they can watch the free spectacle of others getting a soaking in the name of their good causes. Mind you, it’s a great laugh for all concerned, as well as the spectators.

For a taste of what to expect, watch the below video, filmed on Folkestone Rescue’s ‘Lifeguard Cam’:


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  1. James Vaughan

    Will there be proper facilities this year, so that dippers are able to get out of the cold and get dry as soon as they get out of the sea? Last year participants were expected to rely on friends and relatives to look after towels and clothes and had to get dry in the open air. Due to the very large crowds it took quite a while for us to locate our belongings and some of us were shivering violently before we got to a towel!

    1. Russell Reilly

      Hi James,
      As you have said above last year was a very busy boxing day dip and space was severely limited due to the tides being all the way in. We did have limited access to changing rooms located next to the beach but it was very quickly over run as they are not designed with the number of people that attended last year in mind.
      The changing rooms will be available again this year and thankfully the tide levels are more in our favour so space should be less of an issue.
      If you do need any assistance on the day please feel free to speak to either a member of the Lions Club or one of the Folkestone Rescue Lifeguards and we will do our best to assist you where possible.
      Kind Regards

      1. James Vaughan

        Thanks for getting back to me Russell. Just for the record, when I asked one of your officials last year where I could change, I was met with a rather blank expression and was told to use the pub toilet. I would really like to support the event again this year but really think you need adequate arrangements in place to marshall all of the dippers through the crowd to a place where they can get warm and dry straight away. I’m sorry to moan, and appreciate that all of the event team are volunteers kindly giving up their time to raise money for charity. This is a great event which raises money for some fantastic causes but I think there is a welfare issue here; especially as more and more participants are taking part.

        1. Russell Reilly

          Hi James,
          No problem, leave it with me and I will pass your comments across to the event organisers and we will do our best to help you and the rest of the dippers where possible.
          If you do need any assistance, Look for the Lifeguards in Red and ask for Russell. I’ll be happy to help show you to the changing rooms on the day.
          Kind Regards

  2. Penny Aspinall

    My first dip last year and what chaos……can I ask will it be high tide again?

    1. Russell Reilly

      Hi Penny,

      You are right, it was a very busy day last year and unfortunately the tides were not in our favour.

      However this year we are a little bit luckier, High Tide is 9:10 AM and Low Tide is 4:23 PM. With the Dip scheduled for 1:00 PM everything should hopefully go a lot more smoothly.

      Kind Regards

  3. Zak Waters

    Hello Russell, Do you have an email for the event organisers. Mine is zak.waters@eastkent.ac.uk
    thank you

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