Lion Quiz 2017

Hello Quizzers

This is my final despairing effort,for which you only need a Map.

I hope you enjoy some of my stupider clues,and I look forward to
your entries.

The Quiz Can be found here – Click Here

Thank you all for supporting me all these years.

PS Errata

Question 94 correction 6,5

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lions quiz


Folkestone 1st June 2017

Dear Quizzers

Another one bites the dust, and this year I had 82 entries, of which all bar four scored 90 plus.

Congratulations to this year’s winners who are;

£50 Jean Baker from Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

£35 Chris Chantler from Bath, Avon

£15 Shirley Hall – a home winner from Folkestone.

Consolation fivers go to;

John Pugh from Cardiff

Mrs L Porter from Tring, Herts

Lorna Paterson in Tillicoultry, Scotland.  A truly U.K. spread.

Bones of contention were as follows:-

  1. Barnstaple lays claim to this title, and Malmesbury isn’t anywhere near my route.
  2. Chester song at twilight-doesn’t sound much different from Juster Sing it when you’ve had a few.
  3. I allowed both Stranraer and Cairnryan – after one of you kindly pointed out that the latter took over ferry crossings some time ago. At least they are both on the same stretch of water.

48.There were several claims for Coldingham, which is miles OFF the route between Edinburgh and Berwick compared with Coldstream which IS.

59 & 60 were linked and those of you who gave COVENTRY for 60 baffle me.

  1. Well done one and all. I had this down as a possible tie-breaker, but EVERYONE got it.

Finally – No.96. Over the years, I have NEVER failed to get at least one number of letters wrong and my first answer DEVONPORT should have read 9. Thankfully it’s part of PLYMOUTH which has 8, so I allowed both.

This quiz was my swansong, and on behalf of my Club I send thanks to EVERYONE who has supported my humble efforts over the past 20 years and especially to Andrew and his staff at Forget-me-Not in Cheriton. Between us over £12000 has been raised for our Charitable causes, but all good things have to end sometime. Your kind messages over the years have been greatly appreciated, and I love you all.

Live long and prosper- and carry on quizzing.

Best wishes



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  1. John Pugh

    Hi. Can you please confirm that 96 is 8 and not 9 letters? Thanks

  2. Bob Sage

    Hi there. Am nearing the end of a long and weary journey (!), but is No 24 actually 16 Km not miles?

  3. Linda Sharp

    Where are the answers for this year’s quiz please?

  4. Phil

    Well done Bill for all your hard work creating these quizzes over the years. Found myself a few short to be a contender for this one. Enjoyed doing it though!

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