Our Officers

Here you can see the officers of our club. Below this you will find a description of each role.


Role Name
President David Harvey
Immediate Past President Bill Newns
1st Vice President Philip Martin
Secretary Colin Chandler
Treasurer Bill Newns
Activities Chair Rob Knight-Smith
Welfare Chair
Bill Newns
Membership Chair
Graham Pay
Tail Twister Stephen Lowe
Public Relations Officer Philip Martin
Social Secretary Jenny Croucher
IT Officer David Harvey
Lion Tamer Colin Drake
Club Visiting Officer Bill Newns


What Do These Roles Involve?


  • Chief Executive Officer of the Club
  • Presides over all club meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors and the club
  • Elected by the members for twelve months
  • Attends Zone Meetings and District functions

Relays the club news and any views through to the District Governor and his team

Immediate Past President

  • Previous person to hold the role of President

Vice President

  •  Occupy the position and performs the duties of the president in their absence


  • Deals with all correspondence received
  • Maintains Club records
  • Submits monthly reports on Club Membership and activities to the District Governor and to Lions Club International
  • Submits Annual Activities Report to Lions Club International
  • Responsible for giving the apologies of members who are unable to attend a meeting.


  • Responsible for all monies received and disbursed
  • Maintains the Club accounts
  • Reports on the financial position at each Club meeting.

Activities Chair

  • Heads the fund raising committee
  • Responsible for the Club’s fund raising programme.

 Welfare Chair

  • Heads the committee responsible for researching requests for help
  • Recommends appropriate action to the Club

Membership Chair

  • Heads the Membership Committee
  • Responsible for recruitment and retention of  members.

Tail Twister

  • Fines members for various “offenses,” imagined or otherwise, in a humorous manner at club meetings
  • Fines collected go to the Administration Account.
  •  [The tail twister can only be fined by a unanimous vote of all present at a meeting].

Lion Tamer

  • Looks after Club property including regalia, banners, flags, gavel and bell
  • Responsible for introducing guests at Club meetings